Welcome to Dr. Xiaoyu Wang(王晓钰)'s WebSite!

Power electronics expert at GE GRC; Experienced in wind, solar & smart grid. Extensive knowledge, Strong integration ability. Microsoft MVP.

Who am I--Xiaoyu Wang

I am a seasoned power electronics expert with strong integration ability and extensive knowledge beyond technologies.

I have 8+ years of experiences in the renewable energies (wind, solar) and smart grid. I have strong curiosities to learn all new staffs.

I just have a son, which gives me fresh view point to the world like an infant.




  1. Power electronics: especially high power converters in power quality, renewable energy (wind, solar), oil and gas.
  2. Embedded controls: advanced algorithms, utility grid integration
  3. Embedded firmware/Software development: extensive experience for embedded controller (DSP, FPGA, assembly languages), domain language (aim,tcl/tk), desktop software (Visual C++), and web software(C#).
  4. System simulation and analysis: Saber, Matlab
  5. Business Administration, program management
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